Bed wetting alarm

The Noppy is a bed wetting alarm designed and produced by Rehan. It helps children to stop wetting their beds at night. The Noppy is remarkably user friendly, lightweight, just as compact as a watch and can be worn on the left or right wrist. During training you can still use the child'’s regular underwear: there is no need for special underwear.

How does the Noppy bedwetting alarm work?

The bedwetting alarm is attached to the child's wrist. The alarm's cable is then "clicked" into the child's underwear on the spot where the urine will reach the cloth first. When the cloth between two sensors becomes wet, they will react and cause the bedwetting alarm to sound off an alarm tone, waking up the child. Eventually the child will learn to associate the sensation of a full bladder with waking up. 


The Noppy bedwetting alarm is an advanced device that makes use of miniature electronics. The currents being used in the sensors to measure the humidity are extremely low and therefore absolutely safe. The Noppy also adheres to all needed medical standards.