Text-to-speech device

The i-Reader 2 is an assistive product for persons with any kind of reading disability. The i-Reader 2 is a comprehensive device that allows physical papers to be scanned and read aloud. The new design of the i-Reader 2 creates an easy-to-use, text-to-speech experience. The device can detect and read multiple languages, and the user also has the option to choose between male or female voices. The i-Reader 2 has tactile buttons at the front of the device, making it easy to control. The i-Reader 2 comes with a built-in battery as standard, so you can use it on the go as easily as you use it at home.

In addition, the i-Reader 2 can also read out digital files, such as PDF or DOCX, by connecting them via a USB stick. Scanned documents can also be saved and exported. The i-Reader 2 The device has the option to connect an HDMI monitor to it, so you will be able to view the scanned text and read along with the spoken text via highlighted words.

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